Thursday, 18 February 2010

Down in Hollywood!

Smokers beware! For the second time in recent travels, sneaky smokers have set off fire alarms in airport toilets resulting in terminals being evacuated, passengers having to undergo the rigours of security checks for a second time and flights being delayed. Myself and hundreds of other tortured souls are now looking for the culprits with a view to ripping out their selfish hearts. The thought that one person can cause so much disruption makes it easy to understand why the airlines and airports make such a dramatic target for those who wish others harm. As you may gather from today’s rant our flight from Auckland to Los Angeles was delayed as a result of a fire alarm being set off in one of the airport toilets. Fortunately for us the flight had started to board and whilst we were shepherded onto the tarmac and guarded we did avoid having to go through another round of security checks, the latest version of which travellers to the US have to undergo being even more thorough and in addition to the usual check. We arrived in the USA knackered after all that, but we did have the consolation of having our second opportunity to enjoy February 17th, courtesy of the International Date Line.

Manhattan Beach - Beach Volleyball Capital of the States

On arrival at our hotel after a smooth and swift passage through US immigration and customs we had to decide whether to sleep off our travel weariness or try to drop straight into local time. We decided on the latter and after a quick Skype session to catch up with the family, we headed for the beach. LAX is not too far from the coast just south of the main city centre and as we hadn’t been there before we decided to avoid the cross city trip to more well known venues like Venice Beach and go local. A shuttle down to Manhattan Beach gave us the chance for a pleasant and rejuvenating stroll along a promenade lined with some very expensive looking seaside real estate as well as a walk to the end of the pier.

The Pier

Pam was out saving somebody

Interested Observer

End of the Pier

Round, round I git around

The Recovery Position

Bijou Beach Cabin

Just to have room for the family

Main Street Manhattan Beach

Much quieter than some of its better-known neighbours this was a very discreet, up market community that oozed wealth and as such was graced with a good selection of eating establishments, one of which provided us with the evening meal. A shuttle back to our hotel gave us the chance of an early night prior to the next morning’s flight to Phoenix.

LAX with reflections

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