Saturday, 20 February 2010

How Grand Can it Be?

Just before last light I managed to do a quick sketch of the view from the balcony at our digs in Sedona. There wasn't enough light to photograph it last night so it had to wait till this morning.

View from Matterhorn Inn, Sedona

Early morning, Sedona

Another morning shot

To travel in Arizona is to understand the impact that the Grand Canyon has on the consciousness of those who live there but also how it is held in the thoughts of the nation. No matter what the time of year, whatever the weather the huge number of Americans who come with the foreign tourists in their thousands is testament to the affection and awe that this huge scar on the surface of our planet engenders.

View down Oak Creek

Wider view along Oak Creek

Top of the hill above Slide Rock Park

Sheila shivers in her 'acclimatisation for returning home' programme

And so it was that we headed North from Sedona on our own pilgrimage to the National Park. Our route took us along Oak Creek Canyon, through Slide Rock Park to Flagstaff rapidly rising and seeing the amount of accumulated snow increase as we gained height. It is easy to forget how high these mountains rise, at various times we get as high as 8,000 ft.. After stopping to take in the views on numerous occasions we eventually arrived at our destination the wonderful old lodge in the Park, El Tovar. After checking in we had time to take in the vistas from the rim of the Canyon. Jaw dropping spectacular is the only way to describe it.

First view of the Canyon

More of the same

Just to prove that I'm not actually in Middlesbrough on the Pamole diet

More Canyon

And again

Are you fed up yet?

Keep going

Little details

Out on the edge

El Tovar

Sheila gets as close as she is comfortable

Snow forecast for the morning, hope we get to see more before we head off to Kanab.

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  1. Mick as well as a good artist, excellent raconteur and travel guide I also note your ability with a camera! Larger than life indeed. After all those burgers you'll have to go on the Atkins diet when you and your good wife return. Actually we (the wife and I) have done virtually all the places and routes you are currently on during several trips to the states. Brings back memories. Wonderful isn't it. Being basically a working-class egg, sausage and chips man I also love the fast food culture, because they really know how to do it. No greasy spoons there at least in my experience. Working hard on the blog. Whether anybody is reading it is another matter!"