Friday, 19 February 2010

To Sedona

A relatively short hop from LA to Phoenix set us up for a drive up to our first top in Arizona, Sedona. Phoenix itself seemed to stretch for miles before we hit more open country and the climb through land covered in the monumental Saguro cacti much loved by movie fans. The landscape changes as you move into higher desert country and eventually we met country that made us realise why this part of the world is known as Red Rock.

Today's pictures are a little selection of shots taken en route. The last two are taken from our motel balcony. Not bad, eh?

Hope you're not going to get sick of rock shots, we're off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.


  1. Really really jealous Mick as a new half term begins and you jet off to the next leg of your journey. Just remember to watch your speed in the states or you will end up like poor old pete with a hefty fine. Keep in touch and you must join us for our next school chinese.

  2. Thanks Sheenagh, but you may remember I'm a two-time talk the policeman out of arresting me in the States. All you need is a good old Irish name and talk about the Old Country. Love to everyone back at the ranch.